Tired of Fakeness?


3 Steps to living Real in a Fake filled World.


  1. We hear everywhere a lot of talk going around about things that give great promises, but are completely fake. We have phony investment sites that guarantee the world.  We have fake health and beauty products, fake market knock offs, electronics, brand named cloths, for that matter we even have fake friends and of course fake news.


Yet in this fake, plastic throw away world, I want to encourage you to do three things.

1) Be real to yourself

2) Be real to God

3) Be real to people


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1) Be real to yourself

Far too many people live lives that,   if they were honest with themselves, are just an image of what they perceive other want them to be.  Because they desire to be loved and accepted,  they live a fake life in order to feel appreciated.   Truth is,  if you are not real with yourself,  you will never find fulfillment and  contentment.

Happiness begins when we learn to accept who we actually are and discover what we have been created to be.

All of us have been born with a calling upon our lives.   We’re not on this planet by accident and we are definitely not living at this time in history just be a “number” in a crowd of six billion people.

Being real to yourself is to discover exactly what you have been called to do.  Finding your ordained passions and developing every bit of your potential.

If you are going to live your life always being concerned about what others think of you,  you will never find your true destiny.  Why?  Because there will always be those who will discourage you because they think your passions are silly or unrealistic.   They will deflate your dreams before they ever get a chance to fly,  and you will continuously remain frustrated and discouraged.    



2)  Be real to God

Until we get our identity from the Lord,  you will always struggle to understand who you really are.   There is so much fake chatter out there that tells people to just “think positive” about yourself.   That everything you need in order to do great things in life can be found inside yourself.  That you just need to learn to harness and tap into your inner powers to reach your greatest potential.

Truth is, my Bible tells me in Isaiah 64:6;  “ All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags,  we all shrivel up like a leaf,   and like the wind our sins sweep us away. (NIV)

Before we can ever begin to effectively move forward, we first have to admit that we need God’s intervention.   During this past resurrection season we were reminded that God’s intervention into humanity took place by sending his son Jesus to not only save us from our sins, but to thrive and reach our greatest potential.

If you want to improve your self-identity, you must first admit that your entire existence is based upon who God created you to be.

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3)  Be real with people  

When we discover that the very people that we try to gain acceptance from,  are themselves looking for the same thing,  it will help you discover your identity and purpose in life.   Understand,  if you are a follower of Jesus today,  you have received the great privilege and revelation of accepting God gift of salvation through his son Jesus.

A gift that God not only desire to bless your life with,  but also every other person that we rub should with each and every day.   As believers,  you must face the fact after putting all other things aside,  our most important mandate,  your biggest divine calling is to inspire others to reach their own divine destiny.  To help them put aside all the fake illusions and deceptions that demand so much of their attention and point them to the only answer that is anything but fake.